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Spiritual lineage

Conscious Spirituality has a direct energetic connection to Sant Kabir's poetry and lineage due to its core values of harmony, tolerance and inclusiveness. These being essentially the same as those propagated by Sant Kabir, a 15th century mystic and poet who lived in India.

Kabir Picture'Sant Kabir’s compositions have a uniquely powerful style, expressing his own spiritual awakening, urging others to wake up, observing delusion in individuals and society. At the same time it is profoundly inward-looking. It examines the nature of mind and body, points out the tangle of delusions in which we live, urges us to wake up and cultivate consciousness. The imminence of death and the transiency of all things are frequently invoked. The journey within is permeated with the imagery of yoga - its map of a subtle body made of energy, lotus-centers, Coursing breath-streams, sound and light. A key word associated with Sant Kabir’s spiritual stance is nirgun - “no quality” - indicating an ultimate reality that can’t be visualized in form or described in language. While invoked negatively, it conveys simultaneously emptiness and fullness' ~ Prof. Hess (Stanford University)

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Tony Samara's teachings encourage us to practice our spiritual work
and growth in our everyday actions using the following guiding principles :

To learn to live in harmony with nature, respecting our environment and caring for all life forms.

To be a beacon of light and an example to others in all situations.

To live a life of humility, simplicity and purity.

To promote peace and non-violence.

To remember that the physical body is our temple, which needs to be transformed, as well as the spirit; a vegetarian diet including products that are organic and full of life force is encouraged.

To be free of the consumption of drugs of any description, including tobacco. To work towards a goal of eliminating alcohol completely from our lives, thereby honouring our body as a temple of light.

To speak truthfully from the heart and have the courage to speak directly to people rather than behind their backs.

To treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

To receive, we have to give. As we learn truly to give, we open ourselves to receive unlimited abundance. Following this philosophy, we are encouraged to contribute unconditionally 10% of our savings — if any — and 10% of our monthly earnings, to a humanitarian or spiritual cause of our choice.

To practice these teachings in our daily lives.

"Spirituality In Everyday Life" by Studio 12.

We are at the beginning of a New Era and many are reflecting on what has been and what they would like now to be a more fundamental part of their inner and outer experience and what their intentions are for this exciting era. Others find themselves reflecting as to how yet another year has slipped by without fulfilling all their goals and dreams.

To think or believe that this era will be better than the last by continuing to do the same things all over again doesn’t allow very much to change!

Perhaps having failed to achieve your dreams because they were not achievable you may push them aside and compromise them in order for them to become more realistic.

If you can dream and believe your dream then you have the foundation by which to grow and become the person that can make the dream true!

Now is a good time to make some simple yet significant changes to help you move forward in a more complete way.

Understand that you are living an outcome of all that you have believed, thought, decided and felt on a conscious and unconscious level of being. To change this reality why not start each day by asking yourself,

“How can I be closer to my dream today?”

This not only helps you to develop absolute clarity about what you want to achieve but also allows you to actualize not simply the idea but rather sets the idea as a goal that is achievable now!

Develop absolute clarity about why you want to achieve your goals and a structure to achieve it.  This is so important because in doing so you will be able to remain much more focused on a day-to-day basis.  You will also find that with every step taken towards your goals, you will gain the confidence to take even bigger and bolder steps, enabling you to move in leaps and bounds.

You must absolutely believe in yourself ~ in the simple fact that you will and can achieve these steps in your everyday experience. Time becomes irrelevant when you believe that you will achieve what you set out to do and combined with having absolute clarity about what you want and why you want it you can enjoy the journey that leads to your dream ~ no matter how high the mountain of challenges gets!

Your future is created by the decisions you make and the actions you take ~ Today... in this moment.

My work is to be here in this moment challenging you beyond your current beliefs and thoughts. No matter how deeply rooted these aspects are freedom is the core and depth of all spiritual work and the embodiment of all spiritual Masters.

Your goals and dreams won’t get up and come to you. You have to go to them by living them in this moment!