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CMF Needs You

TSHA needs you Tony Samara Spirituality Meditation Saint Kabir

Sat Tony Samara will be concentrating on satsang and other online transmissions in the future and will be unable to travel to different parts of the world to conduct events, such as retreats or seminars, as much as in the past. With this in mind, and to celebrate the auspicious times we are in, he would like to invite his students to create the possibility to share the work and meditations with others.

Circles and Workshops

Why not create a Satsang Circle to offer others the possibility to learn more about the value of meditation and spirituality.

The benefits can be ongoing with regular meetings that people know about in advance so that they can make time to attend such gatherings.

It may also be interesting to let people know about the circle by putting the information in the local paper or to have some flyers made up and distribute them to your local library, health food shops, cafes and restaurants and yoga centres.

Perhaps another way is to approach an alternative centre or alternative healing practice or health food shop whereby they can assist with the organisation of such events.

There are many creative ways to share the excitement of satsang and meditation and allow for spirituality to become better known and accessible to all.

Help share and expand this work in a practical way by joining the many people around the world who are doing this already.

Looking forward to hearing from you and wishing you a beautiful day,

The Tony Samara Team

Satsang schedule:

How to Make Your Dream Come True!

How to Make Your Dream Come True! Tony Samara

Happiness is a choice that anyone in connection with a deeper purpose can make come true. Every one has the capacity to alter life by altering their attitude.

Here are some easy ways:

- Simply try.

By creating a clear intention you allow a tangible space that transforms that which may previously have seemed impossible.

- Breathe happiness in every breath no matter what is going on.

You can choose to be happy by feeling happiness and focusing on happiness every time you find yourself caught by thoughts that deplete you. Focus on happy breaths so that your physical body remembers happiness. Use whatever opportunities that present themselves to learn how to be happy. Reprogram your beliefs and values so that they resonate with your truth; your truth can be your map to your personal growth primary values.

- Give time so that the positive moments sink in.

This can counter the brain’s negativity bias, which triggers us to form stronger bad memories than good ones, by appreciating and lingering on those seemingly at times, tiny, positive moments.

- Choose mantra meditation.

The secret to happiness can easily be found in Meditation – a practice that anyone can do, anywhere, so long as they’re willing to use the secrets within the mantra to still the mind – and align with the inner vibration of joy. Meditation practice might help to shift brain activity from the right frontal area of the brain (associated with depression, anxiety and worry) to the left, which has been found to correlate with feelings of happiness, excitement, joy and alertness.

- Practice gratitude.

Grateful people tend to appreciate simple pleasures in life that are everywhere and that powerfully enhance our capacity to value and love in a more down to earth way.

- Let yourself be happy.

Many do not realise that happiness is a choice, being stuck in old patterns and habits. So many fear change.

Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness. Meditation is not just daydreaming but rather a practice that completely changes your brain and therefore changes you!

Sat Tony Samara

I am the best (or at least I want to be)

I am the best (or at least I want to be) Tony Samara

Next time you find yourself comparing your life to someone else’s or even judging your own ideas and belief systems, practice these easy meditational steps.

Step 1: Be aware – Remember that your thoughts often control you. Awareness is a wise way to free yourself of negative control.

Take a moment to be conscious and ask yourself why you feel that way. When you address why you feel that way, you are making a conscious choice from awareness rather than being controlled by negative thoughts.

Step 2: Practice gratitude – Instead of focusing on lacks, focus on what creates a grateful and positive perspective.

Step 3: Accept imperfection – If you don’t learn to accept your imperfections, judgement will surely remove your awareness of all that is perfect and that which gives your potential a perfect chance to manifest.

Step 4: Value your spiritual practice -Take time to truly make YOUR SELF happy and value your practice that brings you back home to your inner wisdom.

Sat Tony Samara

One big Buddha step today!

One big Buddha step today Tony Samara

Dragging your feet through the mud? Do the below points feel familiar? Then you could be suffering from minor depression.

- Inability to enjoy things that you used to consider fun.
- Being easily irritated and overreacting to minor incidents.
- Regularly finding excuses to avoid socialising.
- Feeling like each day is a struggle.
- Feeling overstressed, thinking you’ll never catch up with all your to-do lists.

Major depression is typically associated with thoughts of death or suicide, and/or feelings of deep hopelessness or helplessness, making it critical to recognize and address such symptoms with the help of a professional.

A little Buddha step that has been successfully used to overcome minor depression and those stubborn heavy feeling that can’t be shaken off is the awareness of four simple dietary gems that can make a very big difference!

- Fermented foods. These foods are the best route to optimal digestive health which has a strong impact on mental health. Healthy choices include fermented vegetables and fermented milk products such as kefir. Gem: Take a high-quality probiotic supplement.

- DHA. This is one of the omega-3 fatty acids that your brain is highly dependent on it for optimal function It is lacking in the normal western diet that is often too rich in processed foods. Specific algae products and free range eggs are rich in this nutrient. Gem: Find a high quality vegetarian DHA supplement.

- Vitamin B12 deficiency can contribute to depression. B12 is abundantly found in free range eggs and dairy products but often the problem is absorption. Gem: Try a sublingual supplement.

- Get regular sun exposure. One study found that people with the lowest levels of Vitamin D were 11 times more prone to depression than those who received adequate vitamin D. Gem: Take a high-quality sublingual vitamin D3 supplement especially in winter.

Also important is 10 minutes a day of gentle exercise… Choose your favourite one… this will help the brain function in a more optimal way and help the body utilise the above nutrients in a more integrated manner.

A BIG Buddha step that you can take right now that has been used for thousands of years to overcome depression is awareness. Awareness is a sense of presence that easily gets forgotten when overwhelmed by feelings of depression.

Awareness helps put perspective and meaning back into life and can make a big big difference!

Sat Tony Samara

Am I truly a failure? Or is it my mind?

Am I truly a failure? Or is it my mind? Tony Samara

You may have found yourself saying, “I’m not good enough,” or some similar derivative of it. Statements like this can be very destructive to your psyche and spiritual practice. This is not only because it is best to avoid negatives, but because we slowly become what our brains tell us to be. Therefore, if you are telling yourself that you aren’t sat or truth, you are essentially telling your brain that you are the negative thoughts rather than your deeper truth and that those negatives should run your life and allow for such destructive tendencies (maya) to be the creative force behind your experience of life.

Here are 5 easy ways to come back to your truth in a practical and meditative way:

1. Practice meditation! Be aware of what is around and practise observing it. This must be intentional to be effective. When you are mindful, you are forcing your brain to see what is around you, to bring sat to your internal voice, both about yourself and those you encounter. It is this inner voice that regulates our perception of people and things. Be open to experiencing people and situations from higher Consciousness.

2. Explore and learn! Be curious about the world around you. This may sound obvious, but like the practice of meditation, it must be intentional. You probably take the same route each time you do something. Change it! Make yourself experience a different perspective. Notice new things and new parts of your brain will be activated.

3. Write it down! A common practice in this work is writing down ideas as they manifest. Carry a notebook constantly and do not let a brilliant thought become something you cannot recall later.

4. Take a break when you need to! When your brain needs to rest, your thoughts will become fuzzy. You will feel drained. You may even be physically tired. Listen to your mind and body. Take a break and repeat the mantra 7 times.

5. Stress can smother creativity! Our brain can become so focused on task-oriented activities and to-do lists that we forget that enjoyment is at the core of intelligence. Repeating the mantra in such situations allows for inner peace and surprisingly intelligent activity.

Sat Tony Samara

Touch and Expand Joy

Touch and Expand Joy Tony Samara

“During these intense times people have asked me how to touch and expand the joy that they know is their essence but that is often veiled by the mundane and its demands on our time.

I have often answered this simply through the following:

That joy is not static, or a place, or even a goal but rather, like art and music, multi-faceted, uncontainable and expansive.

The way to experience joy is unique to each individual, yet the core of joy is a shared experience that makes us human and part of an alive participating adventure.

Simply put, joy is only understood through the expansion of consciousness. This is when we glimpse what it means to be expansive.

Most of us, due to a thousand and one reasons, focus on the lacks, limitations and problems. These lacks, limitations and problems are so real that they demand all of our attention and from this space we struggle to find the real joy of each moment.

Many feel that by resolving what seems to be a block or hindrance for their expansion then expansion will happen miraculously. I see it differently.

What we want is what we need to be.

An oak tree starts as an acorn but it has no doubt that it will fulfill its destiny as a tree.

Most of us don’t even believe that possibilities and potential are real as our experience sabotages our expansion and holds us in the mud of daily living.

The sky, the light, the beautiful stars seem to come from a different world and seem totally out of reach. This leads to depression as we no longer believe in our destiny or even see the light.

One of the most important steps to reawaken who we really are is to be of service to humanity.

By being of service to humanity rather than to our perceived needs we remember in our actions the true meaning of love.

Love is expansive. As we expand with this service so does our focus expand freeing our attachment to the mud so that we are harmoniously in touch with the Universe.

It is not a difficult journey if put into action but it does seem impossible when one uses the present contracting situation as a limitation to what is possible and hence why many of us are not able to expand.

I ask you strongly during these intense times not to focus on yourselves or your needs, or the problems, or the lack of joy, or what could be better. No matter how present they seem, please focus on what it means to serve others and the divine aspect of what is their essence.

As you begin to see the light in every being there is no doubt in my mind that the light within will help the acorn that is in each of us to reach up and open to this new and beautiful expansive experience and hence open up to the joy of life.

This is what is asked of us during this special time of the spring equinox and the months that follow.

It is up to each of you to put this into practice rather than to just meditate upon the beauty of my words.

The world needs more trees.”

- Sat Tony Samara

The miracle of life

The miracle of life Tony Samara

“The miracle of life and enjoying all its abundance leads humanity to a creative reflection that deepens our experience of this wondrous miracle. This miracle is so often forgotten because of the thoughts and feelings that well up and colour the simplicity of each moment and its unique gifts.

To savour these gifts it is essential to remember that our desires for more, or something different, or something special, is often camouflaging the very essence of what feeds our heart, what enriches our experience, what deepens our feelings and what centers our thinking back to a sense of gratitude and love.

Live simply and appreciate this simplicity by appreciating what is, what you have and who you are thus allowing this moment to be savoured in its completeness.

Let’s live life rather than chase the idea of life!”

- Sat Tony Samara

Divine ecstasy

Divine ecstasy Tony Samara

“Within each of us is a light, awake, encoded in the fibers of our existence. Divine ecstasy is the totality of this marvelous creation experienced in the hearts of humanity” – Tony Samara

“It is interesting that most people reach a point in their lives where they accept the feeling of being alive but not quite to the extent that they wish this aliveness to be. Divine ecstasy is the ecstasy one feels that is beyond the joy and happiness that comes from the mundane aspects of life and this status quo feeling.

Divine ecstasy is found naturally within each one of us and it is the wonderful bridge that connects us to all humanity and gives us the feeling of being one with all of creation that we are experiencing in our lives right now.

Unfortunately, the ego which searches for the mundane happiness through the senses and the satisfaction of the material aspects of our existence is like a thin patch of cloud that prevents the true light of our hearts from being seen.

It is often so cloudy for most of us with all the activities of daily life that our inner selves forget that there is a light beyond this patch of cloud.

What does it take for this cloud to disperse so that we can again see the beautiful light of the sun that is shining naturally around all humanity?

The ego is like a divider dividing what can be experienced into two aspects. It creates the impression that we are separate aspects of creation – that you are one, I am another and so forth. When the ego vanishes, that is, when the ego again connects to the aspect of ourselves that is deeper than the mundane, the aspect of ourselves that is beyond the senses and detached from materialism, then we will realize our own inner consciousness that connects us to the evolution of human consciousness.

I have been asked where does this evolution lead us?

This can be answered in two very simple words: SELFLESS LOVE.

When we go beyond judging others and ourselves through the aspect that judges, that is the ego, then we don’t condemn ourselves to the superficial but rather give birth to our depth which is embodied through the aspect of love that we are all born with.

So what can we do in a practical sense so that the ego and our true self can dwell as intimate friends in the same body?

I believe that one great step is to detach ourselves from the mundane aspects that grab our attention in daily life and rather than feed the ego with food that doesn’t nourish it, why not perform kind acts that help us to see what love means in action.

This love in action can be measured in many ways. It is not simply being nice or saying nice things to people but rather going deeply into the energy that divides us from the sense of love. This energy can also be measured in many ways. In our modern world it is surely measured to a great extent in the form of monetary wealth. There is nothing wrong with monetary wealth when we see that it is a form of energy for us to share and in this understanding the more wealth the better. This is the new paradigm for the era that we are entering. Rather than a poverty mentality of there not being enough or having to struggle in an impoverished world, why not realise that the abundance, i.e. the wealth, exists.

Many of us forget that money is a form of energy that is, in today’s world, often expressed in a selfish way. Whatever we have in a monetary sense we like to hold onto in the hope that it will fulfill happiness by fulfilling mundane and material aspects that the ego believes will nourish ourselves with happiness and love. This belief system needs to change as an expression what we all deeply want: LOVE.

I believe that the best way for love to increase is by giving rather than holding on. In this light we know that to receive we need to give. As we learn this in action and through practical means by truly giving, then we open ourselves to receive unlimited abundance as we release our limited programmes and belief systems of impoverishment and allow the new experience of giving to become part of our enlightened belief system.

Following this philosophy, I encourage you all to consider contributing unconditionally 10% of your savings if any and 10% of your monthly earnings to a humanitarian, ecological or spiritual cause of your choice in the knowledge that this action of love will again awaken the true self into realising itself in the oneness of life.

When we as individuals realise this then surely we change the world.”

- Sat Tony Samara

An Invitation to the Garden of Light

An Invitation to the Garden of Light Tony Samara

“I have brought my love and my meditation into the land where there is no sun and moon, nor day and night. Without eating, I have tasted of the sweetness of nectar; and without water, I have quenched my thirst. Where there is the response of delight, there is the fullness of joy. Before whom can that joy be uttered? Sant Kabir says: The Guru is great beyond words, and great is the good fortune of the disciple.” – Satguru Kabir

Sat Tony Samara, our beloved Spiritual Master, has for the last 11 years created opportunities for many to join him in ‘living close’ scenarios. By this we mean that it has been possible to be in close proximity to Tony either in an ashram or spiritual school setting or in more informal situations in the various locations he has lived or travelled in.

The learning intensity of these experiences has been life changing on many levels and even though difficult at times, in hindsight they have been of immense value in the evolution of each one of us.

To continue this process of inner development a small spiritual school has been created in Europe for those who wish to live in a more isolated setting with like-minded people and create the space for spiritual practice. Karma yoga is the focus and a highlight is the possibility to be present to the satsangs, as they are transmitted worldwide.

This project is an independent venture and although Tony will always be there energetically he may not be always there physically. Many of you who have been wishing to live in a monastic setting now have the possibility to assist the expansion of this way of life.

Of course, the spiritual practice can be part of your life wherever you are and need not be limited by external situations or formal settings. To assist people in the practice of their personal spirituality, Tony is available regularly conducting online satsangs/courses and energy transmissions. You can find more information about such here The satsangs are an inspiration for everyone during life’s multitude of many and varied situations.

Energetically Tony will also work with you if you simply send him the invitation to do so and the online courses will strengthen your experience.

Of course it will still be possible to spend time with Tony and receive personal discourse with him in the many retreats and seminar programmes organized for him throughout the world and we are excited to announce that Tony will be in Canada for the first time in November 2013! Please check for latest event updates or scroll down for the programme dates as they are at this time.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and wishing you a beautiful day.

The CMF Team

“In an atmosphere of harmony that you help to create, you will understand things that can never be communicated in words.”

(Excerpt from ‘Deeper than Words’  by Sat Tony Samara, available from

For more information please email

Note: All intending Garden of Light participants are encouraged to join one of Tony’s online courses or retreats prior to experiencing life in GOL.


Commitment Tony Samara

Question to Sat Tony Samara:

“Why do we have to have commitment to the evolution of human consciousness? The fact that we are born as a human being leads to experiences in our lives that leads automatically to personal development. When I commit myself to the development of my consciousness I feel separated from life. I like to be, without having to do something with it. Can it be that the freedom we are searching for is the deep experience that we are here just to live and have our experiences in life?”

Answer by Sat Tony Samara:

“As you say, there is no escape. When one lives life as a human being one learns life’s lessons.

Unfortunately, as a human being, life’s lessons are often so subtle and all-embracing that if we become attached to the stronger and more intense reactions and programmes it is difficult to realise the completeness of our experiences as our focus tend to then be from these reactions and programmes.

There is no way that one can escape life but there are many ways one can escape the depth and beauty that is contained within each experience.

So the meaning behind my words of ‘trust, persistence and commitment’ is to life itself and its beauty and depth rather than anything separate from life.

Commitment, as you say, is not about doing, rather being. If you do, those efforts of doing then come from a perspective that is separate from life and separate from the experience that you are having in this moment. So many people forget to be and to savour the completeness of life so that the focus of life becomes chasing aspects of themselves that are separate and incomplete. By being we are total in our experience of life, and our actions, in that moment, carry the recognition of this, and hence become an expression of our commitment to what it means to be free. Our actions then become infused with love and beauty as we celebrate the joy of freedom.

By doing, the essence of trying to achieve, or change, moves us away from this perspective of freedom and in forgetting what it means to be free, our actions lead us to even more struggling to find freedom outside of our perceived unhappy experience.

Then our commitment from this perspective is one that takes us away from the evolution of human consciousness as we believe freedom is something separate from ourselves and would then, of course, need to be found, as no human being enjoys unhappiness.

The evolution of human consciousness is, as you say, unstoppable, yet as human beings we have found many very clever ways of committing to many aspects of our ‘less free’ selves and actions which then has the tendency to create suffering and a sense of unease.

Yet even in that moment of suffering we have the potential to go beyond that programme of suffering and see what it means to come home to the celebration and joy contained in the evolution of human consciousness.

There is no way for any human being not to recognise the deeper parts of themselves, that is why we are here. But, as everyone will recognise, during their experience of life, by making a choice to experience the depth of what it means to be alive then our experience becomes a gift rather than suffering to escape from.

Action is ones input or commitment to life rather than towards perceived separate aspects of our life experience.”