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‘Satya Naam’ (Mantra of Supreme Consciousness)

eagle sky sunset Tony Samara Satya Naam Mantra Supreme Consciousness

Well wishes to all on the path of the heart.

May you be inspired by the poetry (sutras) of Satguru Kabir and the energy transmission on this upcoming auspicious occasion of Full Moon on the 16 of January 2014.

Every preceding week leading up to this special occasion is celebrated through Satsang (energy transmission), healing and gentle fasting (or eating a healthy vegetarian diet).

Sat Tony Samara following the Satguru Kabir lineage emphasises the key of ‘nirgun’ – “no quality” – indicating an ultimate reality that can’t be visualised in form or described in language. While invoked negatively, it conveys simultaneously emptiness and fullness.

Sat Tony Samara says,

“I urge you to keep patience and be perseverant in the remembrance of the beloved. This life is unpredictable. Keep faith and practice knowing whatever has to happen will happen.

Align consciousness with ‘Sat ‘ (truth). Every facet of life has a message for us. Satguru Kabir says to preserve the treasures of faith, practice and patience, for such will come to aid when surrounded by doubt.”

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