How to Make Your Dream Come True!

How to Make Your Dream Come True! Tony Samara

Happiness is a choice that anyone in connection with a deeper purpose can make come true. Every one has the capacity to alter life by altering their attitude.

Here are some easy ways:

- Simply try.

By creating a clear intention you allow a tangible space that transforms that which may previously have seemed impossible.

- Breathe happiness in every breath no matter what is going on.

You can choose to be happy by feeling happiness and focusing on happiness every time you find yourself caught by thoughts that deplete you. Focus on happy breaths so that your physical body remembers happiness. Use whatever opportunities that present themselves to learn how to be happy. Reprogram your beliefs and values so that they resonate with your truth; your truth can be your map to your personal growth primary values.

- Give time so that the positive moments sink in.

This can counter the brain’s negativity bias, which triggers us to form stronger bad memories than good ones, by appreciating and lingering on those seemingly at times, tiny, positive moments.

- Choose mantra meditation.

The secret to happiness can easily be found in Meditation – a practice that anyone can do, anywhere, so long as they’re willing to use the secrets within the mantra to still the mind – and align with the inner vibration of joy. Meditation practice might help to shift brain activity from the right frontal area of the brain (associated with depression, anxiety and worry) to the left, which has been found to correlate with feelings of happiness, excitement, joy and alertness.

- Practice gratitude.

Grateful people tend to appreciate simple pleasures in life that are everywhere and that powerfully enhance our capacity to value and love in a more down to earth way.

- Let yourself be happy.

Many do not realise that happiness is a choice, being stuck in old patterns and habits. So many fear change.

Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness. Meditation is not just daydreaming but rather a practice that completely changes your brain and therefore changes you!

Tony Samara